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Can children partake of Holy
My Scholarship Has Been Reinstated!
Praise the Lord Prophet!!!! I messaged you this morning about how I had lost my college scholarship of over $50,000 due to falling below the minimum GPA requirement for the
Daily Word

Repackaging Sin

I once bought a fake cologne which had been sold to me in the packaging of the original cologne. When I used it, I realized it was not the original but something else. It had been repackaged.
The devil has the ability to repackage sin so it does not appear as sin anymore. He does this by subtly changing words or renaming things. For example the word 'homosexual' has been repackaged as 'gay' and 'an alternative lifestyle' to make it
Testimonies Menstrual Pain Healed!
Hallellyuuyaaaa! Dear Man of God, God bless you so so much. My friend was having her menstrual pain before I sent you the message but glory be to God, since yesterday and today she has never felt an inch of pain. She is so happy like somebody who is not menstruating. Meanwhile previously, when ever she is in her period, the whole house gets to know for the whole four


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In Ghana

- Now on radio in every region

- Also on TV3 Network


- DSTV AFRICA (Channel 345)

Viewed Across 52 African Countries And Parts of Europe & Asia;

Also in:

- Sierra Leone: Radio BBN 93.1

- Kenya: Sayare TV (on 4 channels)

- Liberia: ELWA Radio 94.5


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The limits of your faith should be determined by the power of God and not the knowledge of men. 1 Cor. 2:4-5
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