Prophet on September 25th, 2011

Dear Prophet,

Thank you very much for the powerful convention you had with us. You ministered powerfully over us. It was moving and fulfilling.

You prophesied and prayed for our daughter who was suffering from a mental problem. To God be the glory, she has started acting normally since the prayers.

We will be sending you more testimonies soon.  We also bought your book and it’s powerful.

Thank you very much!

God bless your ministry!

Prophet on July 23rd, 2014

Dear Prophet,
I am glad for the opportunity to write to you. I got a copy of “Squatters” and this is my testimony.
Last thursday, I noticed a skin infection on my face and decided to get a cream to treat it. As I walked towards the medical shop, I remembered that I had anointing oil at home so i said to myself that this is an opportunity to exercise my faith for a miracle. I changed my route from the medical shop and headed for the house. I prayed the prayer in your book “Squatters” and applied the oil on my face.
The next time I looked myself in the mirror was on Monday, and to the glory of God, the infection had vanished. I thank God for my healing and God bless you for writing the book “Squatters.”

Dear Prophet,
All glory, honour, praise and thanks be unto Jehovah our God. There is no God like Him.
I recently requested prayer support regarding my application for an Mphil degree and you replied that you had prayed for me and that God will favor me.
After your prayer, I took an entrance exam and went for an interview. Honestly, I failed the interview because I couldn’t answer even one question.
Strangely, at the end of the interview, one of panelist asked me if would accept their offer of a different research area. I couldn’t believe it until four days ago when I received confirmation that I have been admitted. Our God is a God of wonders.
I know He has already granted me the grace, mercies and favour to excel in the course.
Let us praise Him. May He increase your anointing and establish you.

Prophet on July 21st, 2014

Dear Prophet,
I write to say a big thank you for your tremendous prayer support and availability during the trying moments of my life.
Out of inquisity I felt a protrusion in my scalp and the doctors diagnosed it to be a tumor.
Since that fateful day, life has never been the same. The reason being that I was not comfortable with the proposed treatment in the form of operation.I was branded stubborn by my doctors and when I had a crisis along the line, I was rescheduled for the operation.
Not yet convinced about the process my only alternative was to seek the face of God till He hears me.
In the process, I encountered you thrice and each time you prayed and encouraged me to have faith in God and kept asking that I send you the feed back.

To the glory of God, I took the scan again and I understand from the doctors that there is fire all around the tumor and it is now invisible to the machines.

Prophet, there is a God in heaven who hears when we call.My whole life is a testimony and I just cannot stop praising Him for giving me a second chance in life.
God bless you. May He increase his anointing upon your life.

Prophet on July 18th, 2014

Dear Prophet,
I believe you are well. I thank God for your life and what he is using you to do. About eight months ago, I sent you a mail concerning my pregnancy, that, I had already had miscarriage twice and was afraid I would miscarry the one I was carrying too.
You responded that you had prayed for me and I would carry the baby to full term and deliver like the Hebrew women.
Now I say to the glory of God,I have delivered a bouncy baby girl through normal delivery. She is very healthy and so am I. The pregnancy and the delivery was so smooth.
I give glory to God. Thank you Prophet and God bless you abundantly. May He increase you in his grace that you would continually be a blessing to the nations.

Prophet on July 17th, 2014

Dear Prophet,
Join me to thank God for what he has done for me. I wrote to you on the 13th may concerning some challenges I had with obtaining a license to work as a professional nurse.You replied that you had prayed for me. I took it in good faith, and stopped worrying about the outcome.
Today,I am testifying to the goodness of The Lord that I am holding in my hands,my provisional license to practice as a qualified nurse. Thank you Prophet for allowing God to use you to bless us.

Dear Prophet,
I had not seen my menses for eight months and listened to a testimony you shared on YouTube about a lady not seeing her menses for four years. This testimony boosted my faith so I prayed to God for healing and after two days I menstruated. May God richly bless you and satisfy you with long life.

Prophet on July 15th, 2014

Dear Prophet,
I sent you an email about some sexual dreams I was having. You replied that you had prayed for me. After your prayer, I have not experienced those dreams again.
God bless you.

Prophet on July 14th, 2014

Dear Prophet,
Truly, our God has been good to me. I am so happy. I sent you an email to get an examination entrance for the module I spoke to you about. God is truly good all the time. I cannot contain the joy I have now. Out of 164 students only 95 were selected to have the module entrance exam and I am privileged to be one of the 95. I am working so hard for the exam, and I know I will pass the module by God’s grace.
May God continue to work through you and bless you beyond measure. Amen!

Prophet on July 11th, 2014

Dear Prophet,
A friend of mine was desperately seeking admission into one of the tertiary institutions in the country. She went to the school she had applied for to enquire about her admission letter and was told to glance through the application list and see whether her name was there. She glanced through it four times but couldn’t see her name.
She returned home upset and very sad.
I sent you an email to pray for her to gain admission in this same institution. Prophet, two days after your prayer she went to the school with her result slip and was given admission letter to come for an interview on 4th July.
Praise be to God.

Prophet on July 10th, 2014

Dear Prophet,
I sent you an email that I have been tested positive of Hepatitis C and needed healing. You replied that you had prayed for me and just this last week I did the test again and the results showed non-reactive(negative).
I also informed you that I was chosen from my office to travel to China and that i was on my way for the interview. You prayed for me to obtain favor at the interview. At the interview, I was favored and my documents have been forwarded to the Chinese government for onward processing.
I thank God for your life and ministry. God bless you.