Prophet on September 25th, 2011

Dear Prophet,

Thank you very much for the powerful convention you had with us. You ministered powerfully over us. It was moving and fulfilling.

You prophesied and prayed for our daughter who was suffering from a mental problem. To God be the glory, she has started acting normally since the prayers.

We will be sending you more testimonies soon.  We also bought your book and it’s powerful.

Thank you very much!

God bless your ministry!

Prophet on April 24th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I am glad to let you know how naturally tongues speaking came to me after reading your email. In fact it happened that very day and it has taken me a while to report on the progress. This is the first testimony I am giving during several correspondence with you. God bless you and your ministry.

Prophet on April 23rd, 2015

Daddy, I give God all the praise and glory today for the miracle he has done in my life. I wrote to you about the pains I was having in my left chest. Things got worse during the weekend because I was finding it difficult to breath but now I am completely healed. No pains in my chest; I can breath very well and do anything without feeling any pain in my body. I thank God so much. God bless you Daddy for your prayers. May God increase your anointing.

Prophet on April 22nd, 2015

Prophet, greetings in the name of the Lord. I had a severe cough for 2 months and it manifests severely only at nights never allowing me to sleep even for a minute. When i attended the Partners’ Seminar at the National Theatre in February , i said to myself that this nonsense cough would end that day. I shook your hand after the close of the program without telling you anything about my cough. That cough ceased on that day to God’s glory even though i had bought drugs before the seminar. God is good. Truly, you are the Prophet of the land.

Prophet on April 21st, 2015

Dear Prophet,
Last year was the first time I attended your Air Power Conference, and you recommended your book “Squatters” and “Rules of Engagement” at the conference. My wife and I bought some copies for ourselves and our family.
Before then I did write to you about the predicaments in my business , I started reading the Squatters and at the end of the book, there was a powerful prayer. I prayed this prayer over a bottle of anointing oil and after that I did anoint the house we live in.

I followed up with the anointing of my business premise. Prophet, right after the anointing of my business premise so many strange things begun to happen: some of my workers resigned unceremoniously , a customer called me and told me that my workers were the cause of my low sales because they were cheating both customers and the company. For them to keep this from me the supervisor had made them to swear by a deity, so that anyone who says it would go mad.

By his grace, the company was able to uncover. The activities of these squatters and all those involved run away before they could be apprehended by the police . Since then things have turned for good for my business;my turnover has now quadrupled ,customers now have confidence to buy at my gas stations. God has also led me to a new supplier since September last year. Till date my gas stations haven’t experienced any shortage.By his grace, the company was able to pay off it’s two debtors/; the final one we have negotiated to pay him on or before September .
Prophet, I have now come to believe that squatters are not only spiritual beings but they also manifest as human beings ,because if I want to go into details about the activities of my previous supervisor you would agree with me that he was a squatter.

God bless you so much for this powerful book.

Prophet on April 20th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I am very happy as I write to you. I asked you to pray for my son who had impediment in his speech. In short, he was a stammerer. You wrote back and said you have prayed for him. You said he will speak like a normal child and I write to testify that he has began to speak clearly. I am very happy.
Thank you Man of God.
Glory to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Prophet on April 17th, 2015

Dear Prophet Kakra,
Once again God has done it. I got the Visa after your prayer. I was given 5 years. Wow! What a mighty God we serve. Thank you very much for your support and prayers.

Prophet on April 16th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I have conceived by God’s grace through your prayers. I wrote to you last year that I was battling with infertility and you said you had prayed for me. You sent me books on faith to read and by God’s grace I have conceived. All praise to God and I am thankful to you. God Bless you.

Prophet on April 15th, 2015

Dear Pastor,
I am once again happy to be writing to you. Since I started coming to your church and became active certain things in my life have changed without me even praying about them. it’s been almost a year now and I can say certain addictions I had which I had battled with for almost six years have stopped. I also want to say my walk with Jesus has greatly improved and every day I see my life changing for the better.
Secondly, last week, I was listening to one of your tapes at home and at beginning you prayed for those who are sick and that time I was having a serious headache for about week. I touched my laptop and after listening to the message the pain disappeared and since then no more pain. God bless you and your ministry.

Prophet on April 14th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I want to say God bless you and to share a testimony. I was privileged to be at the partner’s service earlier this year and it was a blessing. After the service i had a feeling to ask for the tissues you used after the ministration and it was given to me. I woke the following morning to a very bad pain in my left ear and i felt led to pick the tissue and insert it into that ear. Prophet to the glory of God, the pain is gone and has not recurred. God bless you.

Prophet on April 13th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I believe all is well.
Great things he has done, greater things our God will surely do. I sent you a message last year July, to pray with me after having 3 miscarriages within a year, so my next pregnancy stays. You replied that you have prayed for me and encouraged me to read one of your books, which I did. During the pregnancy, I had several complications, but you still encouraged me to have faith in God. I write to you today, to affirm and confirm that our Lord lives, although I went through a lot, I delivered successfully. God bless you and may He never loose sight of you. Thank you.