Prophet on September 25th, 2011

Dear Prophet,

Thank you very much for the powerful convention you had with us. You ministered powerfully over us. It was moving and fulfilling.

You prophesied and prayed for our daughter who was suffering from a mental problem. To God be the glory, she has started acting normally since the prayers.

We will be sending you more testimonies soon.  We also bought your book and it’s powerful.

Thank you very much!

God bless your ministry!

Prophet on May 22nd, 2015

Dear Prophet,
To the glory of God I have gained admission to the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada with a scholarship offer of $5000, which covers full tuition and other insurances.
I am very grateful for your prayers.I thank God for your life for being a blessing to others including me.

Prophet on May 21st, 2015

Hello Prophet,
I wrote to you to help me secure a job because I had been home since I completed my National service last year.You replied saying you had prayed for me and I want to inform you and the world at large who follow your posts that God has done it.He has even overdone it.He gave me the liberty to choose between two appointments.hahahahhaha.Thats the wonder God.God bless u soooo much for praying for me and I pray my testimony encourages someone else who may be in the same situation.Thank you Prophet. God bless you.God reigns!!!!

Prophet on May 20th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I thank God for your life and ministry. I sent you a mail concerning a new position in my work place. Specifically I told you to pray for me to get this role and get a better salary. Thanks be to God I have received this new role and praise God my salary has been increased by about 48 percent. I am so grateful to God and you for blessing me that much. I believe this role will open up great doors for me to fulfill my career aspirations.
God bless you.

Prophet on May 19th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I wrote to you a few months back with an issue of over 12 years nightmare. I have been having sexual dreams that leads to me passing out of semen. You said you had prayed for me. I received it with gladness and thanked God. Ever since that time I don’t experience those dream any longer. God bless you for availing yourself to be used of God to deliver me.

Prophet on May 18th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I discussed with you sometime last year, precisely in August when i was out of employment. You prayed for me, spoke into my life and I was sincerely overjoyed to read from you.
By the grace of God, I testify that I have moved on twice from one offer i received in two months after you prayed for me in 2014 to another one in late January 2015.

Glory and praise be to God. I can’t thank you enough for the impact you are having on our generation. Now i have a descent job to depend on and also defray my debts.
I promise to visit with my thanks giving offering soon. God richly bless you and continue to enlarge you for the task ahead.

Prophet on May 15th, 2015

Dear Pastor
I asked you to pray for me and my son to be granted visa. After your prayer, to God be the glory the settlement visa for my son and I have been granted in just nine working days. God change the rules for our sake and God willing by 7th July we will be leaving for UK.
God richly bless you.

Prophet on May 14th, 2015

Dear Pastor,
Praise be to God, the Lord Is truly a Healer!
I used to feel severe pains when urinating that make me pant, sweat and at times wail.
I testify to the glory of God that after your prayer, I can now freely urinate without any pain. My BP which use to be 154/100-140/80 is now 120/70-105/60.
No more headaches Prophet. Help me thank God for He is good.

Prophet on May 13th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I am very excited to share this testimony with you. I wrote to you concerning my marriage which was about collapsing due to my inability to conceive. You replied that you have prayed for me and added that God who remembered Sarah and Hannah will also remember me. I went to the hospital yesterday and realized I was four weeks pregnant. Thank you so much for your prayers and help me thank God for showing me mercy.Hallelujah!

Prophet on May 12th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I sent you a mail last year to remember me in prayers to get a job. You replied that you have prayed for me. In November 2014, a private hospital engaged my services. I was so much thankful to the LORD. I thought that was all.
After one month; an interview I attended and thought i failed, called me to come and start work. In fact an oil and gas company with a double increment. Then another Indian company called me also to come and start work of which I even turned down their offer. Now another international organization is ready to engage my service with a double increment and an amazing benefits i never thought of. Rev. in fact the LORD has surprised me. This international offer; i do not deserve but the LORD has just given it to me.
The LORD has blessed me more than I deserve. He has turned my sorrows into dancing. My advice to anyone praying for something is that; they should TOTALLY surrender everything to the LORD. They should genuinely handover their strength and contacts only to the LORD. They should totally trust in only the LORD. They should not try to help the LORD because HE does not need our help. Rev. I’m a true witness of what the LORD can do. Glory be to the LORD and thank you Rev.

Prophet on May 11th, 2015

Hello Prophet,
Indeed God is with you..Your God has remembered me through your prayers. Daddy I wrote to you in June 2014 about a miscarriage I had suffered. You replied that you have prayed for me.
I conceived again after a month and was so scared that I might have another miscarriage. Daddy I wrote back to you and you replied back that I will deliver like Hebrew woman.
Prophet you won’t believe this, I have delivered a baby girl by the grace of God.Your God has done it for me. Please share my testimony for the world to know how merciful your God is. I know there more testimonies coming soon.