Prophet on September 25th, 2011

Dear Prophet,

Thank you very much for the powerful convention you had with us. You ministered powerfully over us. It was moving and fulfilling.

You prophesied and prayed for our daughter who was suffering from a mental problem. To God be the glory, she has started acting normally since the prayers.

We will be sending you more testimonies soon.  We also bought your book and it’s powerful.

Thank you very much!

God bless your ministry!

Prophet on October 9th, 2015

Dear Prophet,

I write to testify of the goodness of the Lord. I sent you a message about a month and ago asking you to pray for my brother who was attending a job interview at Cocoboard.
You replied that you have prayed for him,and that the lord grant him favour throughout the interview.
Prophet, indeed the interview went through processes,at one point He was informed that He was too young for the office and that he was to come for a meeting the following week. But He was later called and offered the job without the meeting.
We give glory to God. Thank you very much for allowing God to use You. Thanks so much for Your prayers.
God bless You.

Prophet on October 8th, 2015

Dear Prophet
God bless you for all that you continue to do for us.
Please join me thank the Lord for using you as a vessel to bring joy into my marriage. I asked you to pray for my marriage which was heading towards a divorce.
The Lord has heard your prayers and there is calm, absolute calm and peace in my marriage. There is joy and gladness in my heart as I write this testimony.
Thank you Prophet and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Prophet on October 7th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I thank God for the great miracles He is using you to perform in my life. Last year you prayed for me concerning my PhD funding. I followed it up by applying for some competitive scholarships.

Thanks be to God I have been awarded two scholarships. As I write to you now I have applied for my visa to be approved to proceed to Dublin for my study.

You also prayed for me concerning my job, the good news is that, a university I applied to teach just gave me appointment without interview. Now, I went to reject the job offer because I intend to finish the Phd, however, the registrar told me to accept the job and go and do the Phd. He said: you can join us when you are free. So I accepted the job and left home to wait for my visa to be approved.

I kindly request that you pray for me so that my visa would be approved with ease.

God bless you.

Prophet on October 6th, 2015

Dear Prophet

I have a testimony that I would like to share with you. I always remember your words during your preaching when you say “sometimes a person’s prosperity doesn’t depend on how many degrees a person has but can happen through just meeting one particular person.”

I have met that person Prophet, she is my orthodontist. This lady has offered me a gift of fixing my teeth and a jaw alignment operation to the total amount of R95 000 absolutely for free, and has recommended my business to a lot of her friends.

One of her friends yesterday told me he heard from my orthodontist that I am a single mom and wanted to enquire about my daughter. At the end of our discussion the guy offered to pay 2 yrs of my daughter’s school fees.

Prophet I am truly humbled by God’s Grace,I fully realised how God will take care of us when we take care of his flock.

May God bless and increase you.

Prophet on October 5th, 2015

Hello Prophet,
It’s a great privilege to write this again. I asked you to pray over an oil for healing of my sister’s sickness. You prayed a simple prayer and said” let there be healing” and you gave me the oil.
When i was on my way to the hospital, i was praying in tongues and all of a sudden, i heard the voice of the Spirit telling me that 3 people are going to be healed through the oil you’re going with. I heard this over and over again so i became disturbed wondering how it’s going to happen.
To my surprise, when i got to the room my sister was placed, they were 3 there. My sister and other two sick ladies. Then I asked my sister that how many are they here and she replied “three.” Then i was filled with some kind of faith i have never experienced before based on that simple prayer you prayed. So i also prayed the same prayer with them and also anointed them with the oil and afterward, declared to them that they are healed. To God be the glory they were instantly healed and were discharged the following day. I was so shocked!

May God bless you and increase the anointing upon your life.

Prophet on September 30th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
I asked you to pray for me concerning the fruit of the womb. Glory be to God, I am two months pregnant now. May you live long. Indeed, you are a prophet of God. Thanks so much and I’m grateful. I asked for your prayers again to maintain this pregnancy, I know God will do it. Amen

Prophet on September 29th, 2015

Dear Prophet,
Your God has done it for us. After praying for our business to prosper so many clients are calling us for contracts to the extent that we are even confused which one to accept. May God be praised.
God bless you.

Prophet on September 28th, 2015

Dear Prophet ,
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus. I wrote to you at the beginning of the year about the deteriorating state of my Aunt’s health. You replied saying you had prayed for her and you recommended some messages and books for me. Prophet, i am so happy to inform you that my aunt is very, very well now; She is back to work and stronger than ever.
God bless you so much and continue to use you Prophet.

Prophet on September 23rd, 2015

Dear Prophet

I would like to thank you for allowing God to work through you. Like you always say:”God will give you a job you don’t qualify for.” Indeed I’m clapping my two hands for Jesus.

Prophet,I am writing this testimony with full of joy. They have given me 1year fixed term contract, out of six people I’m the only one who have been called. I still don’t understand what happened because I didn’t go for an interview. I received a phone call on the this month from a white lady telling to come and sign a contract and start working same day. The very first night that you were preaching at Orchard, it was my first day at work. The salary that has been offered to me I have never received it from all my previous jobs.

Prophet, they have hired four of us and out of this four people I’m the only one who doesn’t have a qualification but still studying.

Glory be to God. Amen

Prophet on September 22nd, 2015

Dear Rev,
About 2 months ago, I wrote to you about my daughter who is not able to stand to start walking. I also told you about a particular mad woman I have been seeing in my dreams. In fact you responded that you have prayed for me and my daughter. To be frank with you, I was economical with the situation because at the time I was sending the message my daughter could not even crawl. All she could do was just rolling over and over. You recommended the Rules of Engagement and Dominating by faith CD. I started reading the book and listening to the CD. You also advised that I should maintain a positive confession. Rev the short of this is my daughter has become very active and now crawling with speed on her knees and can stand while holding on to objects. This is miraculous in less than 2months.

I have also not seen the mad woman again in my dream. Which was so recurring to the point that I could hardly sleep for days without this particular dream.

Last but not the least on one of the dominating by faith CD, you prayed a certain prayer for all those who have people owing them and gave a testimony of somebody who had an instant message to come for his money after similar prayer. I have also received a miracle from an old debtor who paid me with a kind of rash that is difficult to understand. And he indeed paid with an apology according to your prayer.

God richly Bless you for being a source of blessing.